What's the difference between The Single Edge 1.0 and 2.0?

A smoother, closer shave.

We've shipped thousands of razors all over the world, and received invaluable feedback from our backers and customers. Using this feedback along with months of prototyping, we've increased the comfort and shaving efficiency of the Single Edge. 

A razor's shaving qualities are determined by a number of important design decisions. However, the most important two factors are: (1) the distance between the blade and safety bar, and (2) the angle between the blade and safety bar. 

These are commonly known as blade exposure and blade gap.  We've optimized both the exposure and gap to provide an extremely close, yet comfortable shave - with all shave settings.

Brand new, cutting edge manufacturing

For 2.0, we're investing in a new, cutting edge manufacturing process: Metal Injection Molding. This process is a relatively new and promising one, typically used in medical device and aerospace manufacturing. It's an exciting, high-quality manufacturing technology that has extremely accurate tolerances - but a very high upfront investment cost. With your help, we can invest in the tooling to create the Single Edge with Metal Injection Molding.

It's back in black.

Our number one customer request has been to produce a black version of the razor. Well, backers - ask and ye shall receive. The Single Edge is back in our original matte and polished versions, but brand spanking new for 2.0 are our Matte Black and Jet Black finishes. 

But this ain't no cheap spray painted black. We're using a military grade finish called Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) that is best known for it's use on Navy Seal watches. It's created by bombarding the surface of the razor with titanium ions inside a vacuum chamber. 

This process not only imparts a smooth, deep black surface - it hardens and strengthens the underlying stainless steel, creating a new surface that is exceptionally scratch resistant.

It comes in Matte Black:

 And Jet Black:

We've squashed the bugs.

We've listened to your other suggestions, and we're rolling those in too! We have a few more tricks up our sleeves, like smaller blade stops, improved blade loading, and upgraded packaging!

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