Can I use the Single Edge if I'm a woman?

Both co-founder and woman, Jennifer here. I love using the Single Edge razor on my legs. While we don't tend to market towards women, it doesn't mean that the Single Edge is not an excellent shaver for us! I get the best and closest shaves I've ever had with the Single Edge and no razor burn or irritation. As a woman, I do have to give a few tips if you are interested in purchasing the Single Edge for yourself: 

  1. When using the Single Edge, you can't apply ANY pressure. NONE. Us, ladies, have a tendency to press our cartridge razors in order to achieve a closer shave. You CAN'T do this with the Single Edge. The weight of the razor will do all the work. 
  2. The Single Edge will take an entirely different technique than you are used to, but don't worry - it's very easy! Once you find the angle, you literally just wipe the shaving cream away. It will feel like you're doing nothing, but the Single Edge is shaving closely and comfortably.
  3. Use short, light strokes around strong bone structures, such as the shins, ankles, and knees. Your razor will get extremely close, so take your time and don't press whatever you do.

If you have any more detailed questions, please feel free to contact us at, and I will take care of you!

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