Is shaving with the Single Edge safe?

The Single Edge is very safe to use, especially once you have mastered it's technique. We created the three different proprietary settings for this exact reason. We recommend customers starting out with the mild setting of the Single Edge while they are learning the technique since it is very different from a multi-bladed razor. While this setting will not give you an extremely close shave, it leaves a lot of room for mistakes and learning and is perfect for sensitive skin. Once you feel comfortable, we advice turning it up to the classic setting, which is the setting originally installed in the razor when it ships to you. Once you feel comfortable with your shaves, and if you would like an even closer shave, then we would advise bumping it up to the aggressive. 

The Single Edge is still a sharp razor and demands respect. Cuts and nicks may happen (especially on the aggressive setting) if a proper technique is not used. We strongly encourage all Single Edge users to thoroughly review the tips and videos located at the link below before shaving with the razor for the first time. However, we designed it purposely to be intuitive and a great introduction for anyone new to the traditional wetshaving scene.

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