How is the Single Edge different from a double edge safety razor?

Using the Single Edge razor will be very similar to using a double edge razor, but there are a few small differences that we think you'll enjoy.

The blades used in the Single Edge are known as "injector" blades and are twice as thick as standard double edge blades. For many, this means they give a smoother and more efficient shave. Many people also find that these blades last longer than DE blades. When shaving with the Single Edge, you'll find that the optimum angle is a bit shallower than most double edge razors. It may take a shave or two to find the sweet spot, but once you find it, it's easy to remember. Finally, changing out the blade in the Single Edge is easier due to the unique injector blade cartridge that carries and loads the blades. Each Single Edge ships with a cartridge of twenty blades that usually last up to 6 months of shaving. 

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