What's the difference between the three shave settings for the Single Edge?

Every man is unique, and so is his beard. That's why we've created a razor that is adjustable to match your unique shaving needs. The Single Edge is available with three different shave settings that can be changed out in seconds: Mild, Classic, and Aggressive.

Think of it like the electric clippers at your barber shop - change the blade setting, and change how close you cut. Need an extra close shave today? Just use our aggressive setting - it allows you to mow down the thickest beard with ease. Just a trim? Use our sensitive setting. Once you shave with our customizable razor, you'll wonder why you ever did it any other way.

Not a customizable type of guy? No worries! Just order the Classic Single Edge, which includes the classic shave setting. It's our most popular setting, and gives a fantastic shave with zero irritation. 

How do I know which setting I'm using?

Settings are indicated by small indentations on the back:

O    Mild Setting

OO   Classic Setting

OOO   Aggressive Setting

The Classic setting comes pre-installed on every razor. The additional settings can be purchased at getsupply.com.
Sensitive: Perfect for sensitive skin, short beard growth, and first time safety razor users. Note: This setting will not shave extremely close.
Classic: Perfect for the average guy. Gives a close, comfortable shave.
Aggressive: Perfect for wiry hair, long beard growth, or an extra close shave. Note: This setting can cause irritation if proper technique is not used.

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