How do I change my shave setting? Do I need a new blade?

We are currently working on a video to show how to easily swap out your settings while using the same blade. It is easy to do and take advantage of the customizable options of the Single Edge razor.

First, hold the head of your razor between your thumb and your index finger in your non-dominant hand. Using your dominant hand, loosen the screw and uninstall the existing shave setting, while holding the blade in place with your non-dominant hand. Then, grab your new setting, install in your razor, and tighten the screw to complete the swap. The blade should be flushed against the blade stops, and the screw should be hand tightened. 

Remember to never insert a new blade into an empty razor head!

If you would like to use new blade with your new setting, either follow the steps above, and then inject a new blade as you normally would. Or, you can manually insert a new blade by taking your razor apart, disposing of the old blade, and placing a new blade on the setting of your choice, flushed against the blade stops. Then, screw in the setting while holding the blade in place with your thumb and index finger on either side of the setting. 

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