What is two-pass shaving?

We recommend taking two passes when shaving with the Single Edge. First, create a thick, foaming lather to cover your beard fully. Using a shave brush both exfoliates the skin and gently raises you hair, making a close, irritation free shave much more attainable. After your face is lathered and prepped you're ready to go.

Take your first pass with the grain making sure to use light, short strokes with the razor. Once you've completed your entire face, examine your beard for any missed spot or stubble. If a second pass is needed, take time to reapply a lather to your face before shaving with the Single Edge. 

To save time, avoid washing your shaving brush after your original lather. Usually a good lather made with quality ingredients will build enough foam to last two passes. 

Our recommendation is two passes with the Single Edge, but if you feel the need to go for a third pass, make sure you always lather up to avoid irritation.

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