Is my blade damaged?

A damaged blade is the #1 culprit of a bad shaving experience. If you're experiencing irritation, cuts, or even a razor that doesn't shave, there's a good chance that it's due to a damaged blade. 

Luckily, the fix is easy, and is demonstrated in the video below:

Some further tips are included below:

When inserting a blade, it's very important to make sure it doesn't drag across the blade stop. If the cutting edge drags, it will create a jagged or uneven cutting surface unfit for shaving - and terrible shaves as a result.

There are a few reasons your blade could be dragging across the blade stops. Here are a few tips and guidelines to make sure that you avoid damaging your blade:

1) You never want to insert a blade into an empty head. Always make sure a blade is still loaded in the razor when injecting a new one. Simply put, one blade should be injected while the old blade is ejected at the same time.

2) Make sure that your blades are not misaligned in the pack. You want to make sure the holes in your blade pack are parallel to the sides of the pack and all lined up. Misalignment of blades can cause the blades to insert into the razor at an angle, causing the blade to drag against the blade stops.

3) Check and make sure the key on your blade pack is not bent. Even the slightest bend can cause your blades to be inserted at an angle and damage. Usually bending the key back to a 90 degree angle will solve the issue. If, however, you feel there is a problem with your pack of blades, always reach out to us. We'd be happy to set you up with a complimentary pack of blades.


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